Brazilian Association of Saskatoon

"Our Culture has no Boundaries"

Meet the Board of Directors
Our association can only function thanks to its board members! Without their hard work and dedication we wouldn't be able to continue to grow and promote our beautiful culture.
  1. Renato Freitas
    Renato Freitas
    Co-Chair and Saskatchewan Consul Honorarium
  2. Thiago Prado
    Thiago Prado
  3. Klebber Silva
    Klebber Silva
    Director of Marketing and Sports
  4. Adam Heisler
    Adam Heisler
  5. Sasa Grubor
    Sasa Grubor
    Director of Information System
  6. Marcia Kenjiro
    Marcia Kenjiro
    Director of Education and Culture
  7. Sueli Freitas
    Sueli Freitas
  8. Roberto Soares
    Roberto Soares
    Director of Communications